Logitech/Saitek yoke shuts down randomly

My Logitech / Saitek yoke is shutting down randomly. It will then no longer be recognized in FS2020 and in Windows either. Then i have to remove the USB plug and plug it back in. Then the yoke is recognized again. And I can fly again for about 10 minutes. And then it repeats itself. The pedals just keep working. Does anyone have a solution to this problem ???

Have you tried it in a different USB slot? It may be a dirty slot or going bad, PC side or Yoke side.

I’ve already tried all of that. But that does not work.

I also installed the latest drivers from the logitech site. And that didn’t help either !!

have you tried running the USB Enhanced Power Manager Disabler? http://uraster.com/en-us/products/usbenhancedpowermanagerdisabler.aspx

When it happens try clicking in the main screen. I noticed that if I click an act option, the throttle and yoke stop responding. When I click back into the main screen it corrects. Almost like clicking on the smaller screens takes you out of the game.

That sounds like the “windows loss of focus” issue I’ve had and others have reported here. When you open one of the menu windows, W10 may focus on it and the mouse may stop working in the main windows. By clicking on the open window i.e. the ATC window and dragging/moving it slightly, and then clicking back on the main window focus will come back to main window.

No, it’s NOT the loss of focus problem. And no, its not the enhanced power issue either. And you’re not alone. I have had this issue with you all along. Google it, look at the Logitech Community, and other sources, and you will see how common the problem is. I also found that if I unplug it, delete the instance in the device manager, and plug it in again, I am able to fly again. For a little while. . . . . Otherwise, I have to reboot it to get back up again.

My X52 works much better without the drivers/software from Saitek/Logitech. I loose some advanced programming functions, but it’s much more stable. I uninstalled everything, Windows integrated drivers are just fine.

I have removed the last 2 updates from windows. Because I had read that somewhere to do so. And that was the solution for me. I haven’t had any more problems so far. While I have been flying three nights a week for several hours at a time.

Thanks guys for all the suggestions you gave. It was helpful !!!

Uninstall Logitech driver and remove driver software that was installed using Logitech 8_0_213 .exe file. Reboot.

Use generic driver from win10. Works for me.

Can you indicate which particular updates you removed? I’ve got the same problem :frowning:

Go to device manager and open “Universal Serial Bus controllers” .
Click with the right mouse button on a USB device. Then click on “Properties”. Then click on “Power Options”. Then uncheck “allow the computer to turn off this device to save energy”. Do the same for all USB devices in this list.

Then open “Human Interface Devices (HID)” and then also remove the tick of “Power Options” in this list for all USB devices. This was the solution for me !!!

I described earlier that after removing some windows updates the yoke worked well. But after a new update of windows, the problem occurred again. Then I did what I described above with the USB settings !!! And that appears to be the solution so far. I have already had another windows update and the yoke still works without problems for several days for several hours a day in a row without fail !!!