Logitech X56 Rhino Issue

I just purchased MSFS2020 Deluxe a few days ago from BestBuy and downloaded it successfully. I also purchased subject joystick which works perfectly with X-Plane 11. X56 crashes FS Deluxe on the boot up. If I unplug X56 FS boots up fine and when I got to Controls and plug the X56 (Stick or Throttle), FS crashes. I have reinstalled FS, X56 software, updated Windows 10 to Version 10.0.19042 Build 19042

My computer is Skytech x9-9900K, 32gb memory, Samsung 970 EVO Plus.

Can someone please help me.

Hi, I am sorry I can’t help you, but, can let you know that that you are not alone. I have the same problem as do quite a few others. It seems to be a glitch with the update #5.

My X-56 was working fine after the hot patch all day. I turned the computer off to go run some errands. I got back, turned the computer on, and started FS2020, loaded a flight in the TBM-930. Now my X-56 is stuck in a right bank, full nose-up position. I can’t get to move the controls on the plane at all. I tried to re-calibrate it with windows control panel and it won’t. This new hot patch sucks.

Sunday morning and X56 is noticed in Controls, however, when you start a flight, the x56 doesn’t respond to commands (no pitch, no roll, no yaw, no throttle), nothing.

Sounds like the same problem I’m having. I just went back to using my T16000M HOTAS system. It works great.

I am reloading MSFS 2020…I am very frustrated. X56 works perfectly with X-Plane 11.


Happy and sad to know this is not my x56 failing. It’s rather an asobo failed update (again).

I’m having a similar issue with my x56.
Since update 5 it banks left or right at some random point.
Removing the deadzone « seems » to be fixing it.

With the X56 I recommend using a powered USB hub. I also recommend removing the small joystick internal/external views on the joystick if your using TrackIR.

What is TrackIR? I am using a powered hub. So I will try that.

Thanks appreciate you educating me on Track IR, as you are aware I am not using.


Start the game and go to options/controls. There should be just the keyboard and mouse showing. Plug in the joystick and the joystick should now show as X56 HOTAS Throttle and Stick Default. A window will pop-up and say something like "New controller found/ accept the presets/ customize. Accept the presets (you can always customize later).

Go to “World” and program a free-flight. This is where the aircraft used to take-off and bugger-off into infinity on its own because the co-pilot is flying and in control. Use the “Active Pause” button on your keyboard… it should be the “pause” button but I later transferred it to a joystick button.

Mouse to the top of the screen and engage the menu/custom toolbar. Contrary to other posts it is OK that all the buttons are shifted right. Here’s the trick. Go to the pilot’s cap in the menu/ AI Control and go down to “CONTROL AIRCRAFT” and SWITCH IT OFF.

Turn off the “Pause” button and enjoy.

This is a typical bug of the X-56. Open the configuration app and calibrate your joystick. It solves the main stick issue, but not the twist. For that, change its neutral zone to any value, apply, then return to your desired value and apply again.

(This is a very buggy hotas).

any idea how to stop the co pilot flying by default? i never had this issue before, and now when i launch the game it starts flying by itself.