London city pack not working after update

Why is the default London scenery back after the orbyx update? I updated through the marketplace and now the scenery add- on is completely gone.

I have noticed that a product I purchased in the marketplace was not in my community folder, but it was an aircraft and thus, would certainly not be lost after an update. Did the Orbx scenery populate in your Community folder? If not, and the Orbx products re-write the game code, a subsequent update may write over them. This should not happen if things were coded correctly IMO and it would be interesting to see if others have experienced this as well. Is it possible to re-download the Orbx scenery?

I had to delete it from the content manager then reinstall. Then it worked and was the latest version.

I had to restart the pc and msfs to see the updated scenery…

Same, had to delete from Content Manager, download and re-install the pack and it worked.

Totally This…

Can you guys reach out to OrbX and see if they are aware of this issue.

Thanks everyone! I will try deleting it from content manager and re- installing it.

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