London Landmarks

Hi all.
I saw a youtube video saying the london landmarks had been updated.

I purchased this from the in game store but it would not update.

I deleted it, with a view to reinstall it and see if this would update to the newest version.
It tells me that it’s still installed (it isn’t) and doesn’t give me an option to reinstall it.

I’ve loaded the map and flown here and the landmarks are definitely gone.
I’ve rebooted and restarted the sim several times and still no landmarks.

I can’t download it from Orbx direct (as far as I’m aware).
It gives me the option to purchase it but that’s all.

Is there anyway to link my ms account to orbx so I could do this.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I had to remove what was left of the folder, from my packages folder.
That allowed me to redownload it, but still only version 1.0.0

The update has to be approved by MS so we will have to wait until that happens. It does somewhat put you off using the marketplace system within FS though, at least it does for me. Going forward I will buy direct from the developers site if that is an option, no delays that way.

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