London, no apocalyptic wasteland and stutters, what rig do you have?

If London is smooth and sharp what hardware are you running?

My 6700K, 1070ti, 32Gb RAM, SSD and 75mbps connection machine is really good for most usage of the sim, central London was not a happy experience though.

With the latest hardware it‘s an enjoyable experience. i9 10900k, 3090 RTX, 64 GB RAM I just upgraded from a 1080ti and an i8 8700k and it was worth it!
No stutters and an average of 32 fps n the FBW A320 no matter where you fly (even over London, Paris, New York) and how the weather conditions are.


That’s £2,000 of upgrade at current prices before the new board, memory, case and PSU so maybe another £500…

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Yes, that is true. I decided to invest the money hoping the hardware will be up to date for two years or so. A lot of money for a computer. But I‘m in a flightsim craze right now, so I was willing to go for it.


Any screenshots of photogrammetry of London? I just dont believe yours look different.


I see no reason to update for now.

RTX 2080 Ti
1 Gbps internet.

the latest update improves performance significantly. Previously I had to drop down my graphics settings to Medium-High to get playable 30 fps. Now I can crank everything to Ultra and I still get the same 30 FPS.

Me too I have a small doubt, and at what resolution all this?

I have a 5950X, 3080 RTX, 128GB Ram, 10Gbit Internet Connection and:

@ 4K all Ultra over London I get 15fps!

On all the other places on this planet, varies from worst 35 fps to an average 50 fps.

Seems to be running pretty well on my i15 65500k, 4099 RTXS 128TB RAM. Then again it’s also the first hardware capable of time travel, hence me able to post right now.


Ryzen 5 5600 , Radeon RX 5600XT. , 32gb 3200 ram, a very measly 14 fps at high settings at 1080p on a 34 widescreen monitor…
In most parts of the world all plays fine at 45fps average…
It looks as if MSFS is very INTEL-NVIDIA friendly, and not very optimized for AMD-AMD

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i5-9600k OC to 4.8ghz, 32GB DDR4 3200MHZ, 3070, 1Tb SSD @1440p ultra/high setting. Runs great.

In what plane? I find GA runs great everywhere, but the airliners are a different story

Agreed. Nvidia GPU’s have always performed better with MFS for some reason. On the CPU side, MFS have always favored high single core performance, which is why Intel was preferred (AMD tended to focus on cores). The 5000 series should have all but closed that gap though.

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Ryzen 5 3600, RTX 2070 Super, 32GB Ram @ 3000, 1080p everything on high, getting around 25fps in the A32NX around London & Heathrow.

Photogrammetry was never really meant to be flown over at two hundred feet, it’s just not good enough for that. Once you get over two or three thousand feet things look a lot better though. Personally I just turned photogrammetry off as I fly GA and so the somewhat poor scenery provided by photogrammetry just wasn’t for me.

One day when the world is captured in full 3d maybe but today no.

Just did this as a test. Nil issues smooth as I’m just about to fly over the Big Ben etc. This is latest release version of FBW A320.

I posted my rig above and Photogrammetry is on and at 5000ft. Biggest performance increase I had was upgrading from a 2070 to a 3070. You gotta pay to play unfortunately. I don’t have really good internet either I’m on a basic 25Mbps.

Just tweak ya settings until your system gets comfortable. Honestly anything under 30fps is unplayable and you’re just doing yourself a disservice.

This game runs better for me than flying a QW787 into Heathrow or a PMDG 777 or 737 in P3Dv4. Go figure.

I believe there is NO computer that can run London city center on Ultra in 4k at less than 2000ft at 30fps. I noticed much higher fps at higher altitudes. I have 5800x, rtx3080, 32gb ram and fast SSD (1600p ultrawide, so less than 4k but more than 1440p), and I clearly see my PC struggling (I will check fps just for curiosity). I will also test in offline mode without traffic.

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That doesn’t make sense you can’t really see much at 2000ft the more you get higher the more buildings get drawn.

The photogrammetry bubble is very small… the details go down the higher you get. Above 5000ft it runs much smoother. Try it out.

I was over 40fps on take off and climbing whilst doing an 180 to head towards the CBD. Honestly anytime I see someone say they have issues get rid of the AMD stuff NEVER been a fan.