Long delay when selecting menu panels since July update

Since the 27 July sim update some panels take ages to activate. For example, on the Landing Challenges screen, I select Famous, nothing happens with no sound effect, then it’s 6 or 7 seconds before I get a sound effect and the next screen but no panels. Then it’s another 6 or 7s before the panels appear.

Same with Bush Trips > location panels, and happens when going back on certain screens.

I haven’t seen any reported issues for this, but wanted to know if I’m alone.

I raised a Zendesk case a month ago but had no updates (does anyone get any response at all from there?)

I was hoping today’s update would resolve it.

Intel Core i7-9700k, 32GB 3200 RAM, GTX1080Ti

  • Microsoft Store
  • No Addins
  • Not using Developer Mode

I have the problem with vfr map. It takes forever to show up.

As this seemed to be happening just for me I thought I’d try reinstalling MSFS and that seems to have fixed it. Probably a good housekeeping exercise once every few months.