Long Flightplans results in extremly frame drops!

After doing some midrange flights in Europe with good frames I switch to long range flightplans. Now there is something strange: Every Flightplan with many waypoints for a 10 hours jet flight is resulting in bad frames.

First I have done some Transatlantic Flights. The problem isn t there because these flights don t have many waypoints due to the track system over the atlantic. But now I have done Zürich-Beijing. After loading the flightplan with many waypojnts over russia I have 15 Frames less then without the plan loaded. In the approach the frames are normal, because all the waypoints are behind me.

Any suggestions or fixes ? So long range flights are not possible for me. I assume the problem was fixed yet. I first have seen that problem in September, it was gone with one of the updates. Now it is back with one of the updates ?


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