Long IFR flights suggestions?

can you recommend and good and long IFR route?

The first thing that comes to my mind would be an ocean crossing - something like KSFO to PHNL.

I use this site: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/airlines

Find the airline I like to fly, select the plane and then fly a real life route.


What about an all-land like Lisbon to Yakutsk? Not sure there might be an airport that can land a large airplane east of Yakutsk.

Or something like Reykjavik to Santiago de Chile via north-america’s east coast, caribbean, east or west of the andes to Santiago

That’s a really useful site thanks!

Ps I like a bit of Cape Town to Dubai action.

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How do you define good?

New York - London or New York - Paris; truly classic flagship routes. For even more nostalgia add stops in Gander, Halifax, or Goose Bay, and then Shannon or Prestwick.

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LFBD-KSEA if you want the achievement (which is buggy).

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What achievement?

VHHH - KJFK via North Pacific

Then return via the North Pole, Russia, Mongolia & China.