Long nasty stutters observation

So I have flown the same circuit numerous times with different aircraft and here is what I see. The really nasty pauses that drop you to single digit fps happen at exactly the same location every time. Doesn’t matter the plane, time of day, just location. I have a moderate amount of rolling cache assigned so maybe I’m running out and having to refill each time.
Anyone else seeing this?

Yes. Even worse when these stutters occur during a landing. It would stutter to the point where you think the game froze. It’s bad. It doesn’t happen often though. But it is a nuisance that needs to be addressed.

I get a freeze up - the game stops all activity and response to input but sound continues. These last from anywhere from 10 seconds to 90 seconds. Pretty horrifying actually.


My experience exactly. This only became a problem for me on release. My current theory is that it loading scenery because there seems to be a lot of internet activity when the big stutters happen.

Does everybody here have 16GB of ram? because I too get the stutters and I suspect thats the reason. I see alot of swapping while playing. The game has about a 20GB memory footprint so some swapping is inevitable with less than that amount of RAM.

Long freezes when I manipulate the weather, I think it’s related the dynamic clouds.


I get those near airports, almost religiously. Probably something to do with traffic.

Nope 32 gig here but upon release I never see the sim use more than about 13, used to see 18-20.

true. same here

Thats strange. I almost always see 18-20. Sometimes 22-23 if im in dense areas.

I get little stutters, nothing like what you guys are reporting, but still annoying. I just upgrading to 32gb from 16gb, and I don’t really see a difference. For me, my 1080ti is pretty clearly the bottleneck. It’s operating at 98% pretty much constantly. RAM and CPU don’t seem to be an issue.

Same. I’ve posted about this before. Hopefully the update fixes it as it wasn’t like this before release for me at all.

I have 32GB, i7 7700, MSFS2020 in the M2, internet 100/50, FPS 35/40, and the stutters still there …
I think the problem goes elsewhere.

40gb ram. Freezes every time I use the app.