Long stutters/freezes since patch 3?

Hey folks, I managed to avoid most major issues with the sim since launch until patch 3. Been having CTDs obviously with the VFR bug but something else quite major I noticed is I’m stuttering/freezing quite a bit. Not the typical micro stutters, but as in the sim will literally freeze for a good second to two (or 3, 4) and then continue. Its not constant, but is happening quite frequently.

Is this me or is this patch 3?


It’s you, not a s s s single s s s stutter here

Mind you I’m talking about my g g g generation.


I had it in patch 2 also and I think earlier. Before I’d abandoned the flight. In 85 hours or so it has now happened around 5 times so I wouldn’t call it common. The longest freeze I had was 8 minutes so now I leave the flight alone if it freezes and just wait for it.

I’ve never yet had a CTD that wasn’t caused by me.

I logged a zendesk report about it a week or so ago.

Yup. I’m also getting 3-4 second long pauses now quite frequently since the latest patch.


Very interesting!
Just come here to search if someone else is seeing the same issue.

Tried if its tied to a simconnect error again and disabled FSUIPC etc. but doesn’t seem to make a difference. And I do not have really long freezes, just for a second or less.

But have to research more … but yes, I see exactly what you describe.

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I’m als not sure if its tied to the “community buildings fix” …
Could someone else test if freezes/stutters are less without this “fix”.

Make sure to restart the sim!

It only happens to me when flying over LA, previously it never happened. Smooth since launch

I’m running the sim pretty much vanilla except for some small airfield sceneries and liveries and I’m still experiencing it. Just FYI, running a Ryzen 5 3600, 2070 Super, 32GB RAM and at 1080p.

Yeah I had very little issues with performance since launch, the second patch improved it greatly. It’s been happening pretty bad around Melbourne, Australia for me.

Same here. The pauses started with 1.8.3.

I have submitted a bug to the zendesk and I advise everyone else to please do the same to up the priority.

In addition to the zendesk, these issues should also be raised in the Bugs & Issues section so that it can be upvoted.

try going to the msfs in windows in the apps …select and choose repair option…

i had stutters and i ran that and it fixed it…

Seems the stutter is only tied to certain places. On other locations it is butter smooth.

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I have experienced the bug aswell. Ive noticed it appears when I have set ground detail levels at ultra/200 etc. Its feels like sim is freezing due to loading ground textures/LODs etc. Just a hunch.
Lower details and u get freezes no more.

Same here. Even with my 10700K@5.0, going anywhere above 100 LOD or 100 Object level of detail and crazy stutters starting. I was thinking its my internet connection so i paid and got triple the bandwidth and it didn’t changed a thing. Something with terrain loading/objects is just wrong.

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Here’s a workaround.

Once FS2020 is running go to task manager, details tab, right click flightsimulator.exe, choose set priority, and set it to low. This fixes it. This is another type of bug regression in the latest patch. This was fixed in the second patch but is once again needed now. You can even wait until the freezing starts and see it miraculously completely disappear when you set priority to low if you want to test if this solution works for you. Once you confirm it, you can simply set priority to low as you boot up the game.

I’ve already sent a bug zendesk ticket about this but if this solves the problem for you I suggest you do the same so asobo can look into it again.

It happens to me whenever I’m around big photogrammetry cities.
This ‘low priority’ tweak was no longer needed after the Patch 1.8.3 fix >> Tweaked CPU thread priorities to reduce interruption of frame critical threads.
Unfortunately, patch 1.9.3 broke something again and it’s needed again.
I’m going to guess that it’s a problem with the ‘download world data’ process not getting enough processing time to do it’s job.


I Dont think this is an actual reliable fix , Ive looked into it and windows defaults back to the default state priroity after each reboot per the windows site…

I had issues with stuuttering and freezing after 1.9 patch… I went to MSFS in the apps menu and used the REPAIR option and it fixed something and now now its really smooth…

It’s a reliable fix for me, and it’s not my imagination. It was also a reliable fix for hundreds of others over on Reddit where this tweak was first found and posted. One way to know if it’s going to work for you is to hit the windows key, on your keyboard, whenever stutters start to happen. This takes priority away from the game and suddenly the game runs smoothly in the background. (If you are running in borderless window you can still see the game when the taskbar is visible). This is how the fix was discovered.

It had about an 80% success rate over on Reddit, so it won’t solve all stuttering problems. You also do have to set it each time you run the game, but I can tell when I’ve forgotten to do it because I have no stutters with it enabled, and 2-3 second stutters when priority is set to normal whenever I’m flying over big cities.

Well yah, I set it too,and didnt know about having to reset it. but if you do it once and then reboot and then never reset it and it defaults back to normal and you think its still working… well… how is that a fix. I am just saying its kind of a placebo…But whatever to each his own , whatever works…

No, I have to set it every time I start the game. It’s definitely not a placebo. For example, if I don’t set it, the stutters will start eventually (2-3 seconds long) and I hit the windows key and they are gone. Go back to giving the game focus and they are instantly back. Hit windows key, remove focus, and they are instantly gone again.

Obviously, I can’t play the game like that. Lots of digging around was done over on Reddit to try and figure out what was going on. It was discovered that setting the game’s priority to low was a solution if the above behavior was true. Like I said, it’s not going to be the cause of all stutters, but if hitting the windows key instantly stops the stutters, then the low priority tweak is a solution.

I’m a game developer and it makes sense if flight simulator is using a windows background service to download data. If Windows also has Game Mode activated, the game can try to steal all CPU resources which will choke the background windows service from doing it’s job, and thus cause stuttering as the game is trying to wait for a response from the background service before continuing. I’m obviously not saying that this is definitely what is happening, but it’s going to be something along those lines. It was fixed in 1.8.3 but it’s back again in 1.9.3 only slightly differently. In 1.8.3 it would happen as soon as I started a flight, and persist almost always until low priority was enabled. In 1.9.3, the stutters don’t start for 30+ mins, but once they do, they are persistent until I set low priority which instantly fixes it.


ok i guess more to my point is I wonder how many people who have read about the prioity fix , know that it has to be reset each tine they reboot… I ve read about the fix a few times but never saw anything about rebooting resetting it until i looked it up on windows…but seriously try running the repair option in through the apps in windows , it fixed my post 1.9 stutters…