Longest flight in VR?

Hey guys,

What’s the longest flight you ever took in VR (100% VR, nothing done on 2d)?

For me it was around 4 hours (from Usuhaia to the Antarctic Peninsula and back, flying an F-35).

I did Cross The Pond this past spring from Dublin to Philadelphia in VR… I think the whole flight was around 8 hours. Now… I did take off the headset and take a long break while monitoring the flight during a portion of the oceanic crossing… pretty much after getting handed off to Shanwick Radio. But then had the headset back on after getting close to Gander. It was an amazing experience, but one I would probably only do once or twice a year :rofl:

(and ok, this was in a… uh… different sim in a 747-800… don’t judge pls :rofl: )


I did the Bordeaux-Seattle challenge in the 787, 9+ hours. It was ok until mid greenland but then I‘ve entered the snow storm (that later hit texas) with 130kts headwind. But I get the bird down in one piece.

In total I have around 500 hours in VR and cockpit view.
Always live weather, no help beside radio by copilot.

VR ruluz ok!


4 hours 38 min flight from Martha’s Vineyard to Bermuda.
Even had a nice little 2 hour nap on autopilot with headset on and my seat reclined.
Been using VR since 2014 so yes it’s my second skin now.:rofl:

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