Longitude autopilot malfunction

Since last update autopilot stops working in flight for a few minutes then returns back to normal! Aircraft rolls over and flies in a circle! You have to disconnect the FD and manually recover pitch and heading. Aircraft is in a stall! After recovering The aircraft , you can reset the AP and GPS NAV ! This happens on 1 out of 3 flights!

Also looks like a loss in NAV heading so flight director has no flight plan for a moment?

Are you making any adjustments to the FP, in the FMS, while in flight?

I have been flying the C700 the last two weeks and the AP hasn’t turned off for me yet. I made some mistakes in my last flight, adjusting for the destination runway, but at least the AP kept me pointed at the airport. It was probably the keyboard actuator.

No adjustments.

Been flying longitude for some time. Aircraft follows plan on NAV GPS fine most often, but occasionally wile monitoring flight, I will see the aircraft start to drift, then go into a roll. We have not ever seen this issue in the 5 months of flying this citation? Once it happens you cannot regain stable flight until you do it manually. Once back on plan, AP on NAV select, CDU set to GPS and back into business to the landing with no problem? One thing I have noticed is the sim gets behind. ( tied up) I.e., ATC sometimes takes up to 30 seconds for response? Sometimes ATC completely misses the response. It looks like part of the flight plan has a gap or has not loaded?

I haven’t noticed this and I’ve done a lot of flights in the Longitude

My plane got off the ILS GS for no reason,

there’s a pressure/barometer fast baro change ‘bug’ (in real weather presumably),

which perhaps can cause behavior like this I figure

Just occurred to me this event has happened on the same flight plan at the same place. All other flight plans have been fine. I will run same plan a pay a bit more attention!

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If you can attach the flight plan to a Zendesk and give them a rough idea where you are at (waypoints) then this will help them find this bug and fix it! It could be a map-data bug that impacts other planes too.

Will test this flight plan again to insure my statement is correct? I will then post it.

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I haven’t noticed any AP problems with the Longitude in all my flights. Occasionally though, all the cockpit instrumentation disappears for a bit, and then will reappear. Plus, there’s that lazy oscillation that starts after I reach cruise altitude, and pass the first waypoint. The oscillation seems to stop after I begin my descent.


I got that issue in some turbo probs there i needet to manually switch to NAV GPS maybe its the same on the longitude

Interesting. The last MSFS update worked well for me.

I’ve experienced the same death spiral AP thing in the 787. The AP decides to roll left to max and goes in circles, eventually losing altitude. I noticed it after a recent .NET update for Windows.

It didn’t seem to matter leaving Minsk, Atlanta, or Cold Lake (Canada).

Appears like this is caused by the simulator’s lack of focus on AP? I still believe the program is off working on something causing loss or no updates to flight director? Aircraft is now flying blind for a few seconds until again the date to FD starts updating again?

I fly the Longitude a lot and on the last dozen landings, shortly after the reverse thrusters engage, the plane does a wheelie and stops. I can’t find anything I’m doing different. Update strikes again?

What update? The Longitude has been stable for weeks

May not be longitude? May have hit a gap in runway caused by simulator? I have had this happen on occasion. Perfect landing, then aircraft abruptly stops pointing up in the air. Sometimes I have had the aircraft sunk into runway up to fuselage because of this issue!

Is this happening on all landings at different airports, or just one airport?

All runways and it seems to be only with the Longitude

Sounds reasonable, however it happens on any runway I land on.

I’m not noticing any problems flying or landing the Longitude with my system. I’m using the latest everything.