Longitude - Inert Sep On

This is the first time I’ve seen this. Must be the update. How do i turn it off?

Longitude doesn’t have an init sep. I fly the Longitude quite a bit with the WT 3000/5000 mod and never saw that message.

Prior to SU6, I would see this message until I disengaged the brakes. I can’t fully recall if it was this warning or another that was linked to parking break release. I do know that I have seen it. The warning issues as well as the “horizontal oscillations” in the default Longitute originally drove me to Darkfly0219’s Mod.

Sorry, not much help at all. I just wanted to confirm that I have seen that warning in the C700, since it was implied that you might somehow be confused. We are in for a wait until the warning bugs in the Longitude get sorted out though.

if you turn off the anti icing it helps I believe.

But I only did one test flight with the C700 since SU6.

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They fixed the horizontal oscillation but the Inert Sep On is new

Yes. That did it. Thanks

Wow. I stand thoroughly corrected. SU6 indeed fixed the Longitude. Running it default without Mods now is great.


You dont have a bunch of warnings at start up? I had the starter and ignition warnings on for a full flight

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I just did the MSFS and WT updates today and have a PFD full of messages.

Looks like they Belong to TBM.

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Anti ICE Left ENG does this when On


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