Longitude missing

We just had to re download msfs2020 after last update that went wrong! We cannot find the citation longitude under jets now! We only see cj4 under aircraft selection? Content manager indicates is installed?


Search forum for “missing aircraft”, you’d have your answer in 30 seconds

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Thanks. Great help!

Was using search criteria that did not match?

@RobustRichey, were able to find help on the missing Longitude CJ4?

That’s the solution Hester. The reason you cannot see the Longitude CJ4 is because there is no such aircraft in the simulator…

Remove all mods related to the Cessna Longitude from your Community folder.

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the solution is the issue template :wink:

Do you have any add-ons in your Community folder? If yes, please remove and retest before posting.

Yes, that was the case! We have been using the longitude update 1.81. After the last msfs update, if update 1.81 was in the community folder the longitude would not appear in aircraft selection. As you know the longitude will not fly properly without this mod?


You need to use the correct version of the Longitude mod