Longitude Problems - Check Content Manager

Same as a lot of you, I’ve been trying to fly since yesterday and I’ve had a lot of problems. I mostly fly the Longitude, and I noticed problems with the light switches and Icing lights not showing on, the throttle not working, the engines not starting right, and who knows what else.

Today, I was in the Content Manager de-installing the… uh, fine, high-quality additional aircraft that were somehow downloaded yesterday, and I noticed that the “Deluxe Upgrade” and “Premium Upgrade” options showed as “Partially Installed”. I selected both, and after that install processed, the problems I mentioned above magically disappeared. And this is with Dakfly’s mod installed.

By the way, I also noticed that if you don’t open the Fuel Valve (orange button to the right of the throttle) the engines will only hit about 24% N2. That orange button didn’t appear for me until I downloaded the upgrades.


If someone else pointed this out on any of the 3,529 threads I read yesterday, then I apologize. Best of luck to you.

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