Longitude Reverse Thrust w/Extreme 3D Pro

If anyone has successfully have this functioning with this controller please let me know how. I have both reverse thrust options binded and neither work with the Longitude.

i use it so - found f2 key function, and bind it to the same joy button what binded to spoiler out on(speed brake on) when you use thrust down trigger as realize it work as spoiler on, if you hold it - decrease thrust fast, any way, as for me the best way is use button for thrust back behind to the thrust lever, or if you have analogue thrust lever(if you don’t want use same button what use for spoiler out, can use any other one) on it… you pull it to idle position then push button… and you can use fsuipc if you need real real real behavior for reverse…

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Thank you. I guess thrust reverse would make too much sense lol :rofl:

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