Longitude takeoff performance

Can someone tell what I’m doing wrong or if this is a known issue with the Longtitude:

AP set for NAV and FLC (altitude and speed set) but not activated.
TOGA set
Autothrottle set
Hit AP

The plane takes off like a rocket ignoring the speed setting.

Am I doing something in the wrong order?

Advice welcomed as it’s odd that the hardest thing to do in this plane is just takeoff properly.

You might check your FLC to see that it is still turned on. I usually have to reset that once I get in the air, right after turning the autopilot on.

1- Speed manual set 200kt
2- VS 2000’
3- Select altitude constraint
4-Advance power lever to TOGA, when the engine reach the power select A/T armed and check the green light on PFD. After 400’ turn A/P on and NAV

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What flap settings are recommended for takeoff, using your sequence?