Longitude v1.10.7.0

I found a couple issues with the Longitude and the new patch:

  1. The Dolphin Dance has been traded for wing rock after 40,000ft that’s about as bad as the dance

  2. When the autopilot is activated the plane violently at times grabs the AOA set in the autopilot. Very frustrating after takeoff

Still testing but I can say at least I can get this bird past 36,000ft before the new issue starts. Still testing.


After more testing:

  1. When throttling up on takeoff the throttle spools down a bit then catches up

  2. The wing rock problem actually starts at around 36,000ft

  3. After Travel To (cut down on flight time), skipping a waypoint in the flight plan in the FMC causes the sim to crash


It is very sad, that Asobo can´t realise basic functionality to this beautiful bird. Also 5 Updates later this Plane is unflyable!remember, it is payware content in some case. And it simply doesn´t work!

Asobo, please let some experts work on this plane! In your videos, it seems that you working together with textron… but why is it so bad simulated and backlogged? Are the cooperations only for the visuals? come on! Give us a working Longitude!
also… please unlock it - so the community can work on it!


for me also the HUD gave up completely. no speed indication, no altitude indication no compass functionality in the HUD that you can pull down from the top

I am flying with the B787-XE mod right now and I’m not 100% sure if that might be the problem. Yesterday I was flying without any mods and I remember I didn’t have ILS markers in the HUD and didn’t pay attention if the other HUD elements were working.

will test again later without mods.

Same issue here with the Longitude - really disappointing! Especially for a “premium deluxe” aircraft. Fuel numbers and range are still miles out. De-icing doesn’t work. Speed tape is incorrect. I could go on for days listing issues.

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I have had this problem over 32,000 feet. So I totally agree with your suggestions.
Another problem is that I can’t turn at a big enough angle when taxiing. For non-deluxe premium planes, I have access to the flight_model.cfg files and increase the value of rudder_effectiveness to one and a half or two times and then I can turn well with my Saitek X52 Pro joystick. Maybe how do you solve it if you have to take a 90-degree bend in a tight spot? Is this just my unique problem?

can confirm this one and is easily reproduceable

Yup, can confirm. Would be really nice if the “Premium Deluxe” aircraft were actually flyable but…maybe in another half-dozen patches?

Can confirm wing rock after 32000FT. Also when deleting a waypoint in the FMC it doesnt respond. It says it deleted it but actually doesn’t. The workaround I found is to reload the Departure, Arrival or Runway. I think fixing Autopilot issues is the most important thing right now. Also can confirm that to turn on taxi ways I need to be going very slow. Such a shame a premium feature airplane in this game seems to still be flawed. It still feels like a beta version. It’s like we are all beta testers.

Another problem I’m having with the Longitude post-update is that the illuminated buttons in-cockpit are blurred out and impossible to read unless I scroll right up to them, and if I scroll too far in the other direction the lettering disappears completely. Anyone else getting this?

Thanks for the testing. I have tried below FL320 and no problem with that.
I hope things going better for Longitude, that is IMO the best plane in MSFS but the one that have more Bugs.

About your problem turning on taxi, I know what happens. You can turn without problems if you are below 10 knots indicated speed, you can not see this in the aircraft instruments panel but I know it because I use Saitek’s hardware so I can see the indicated speed from 1 kt. When you reach 10 knots, the rudder loses half of its sensitibility. I Guess it’s something that Asobo has planned to avoid violent rudder movements during the takeoff. So If you are below 10 kt, you can turn 90⁰ perfectly, but above 10 kt no matter if you push rudder all to the left or to the right, you only will turn half than below 10 kt.

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Thank you ElNinoDelAvion ! That is indeed the case.
I flew a trip today to see if there are any other issues. Unfortunately, they are.
It differed significantly from the set height values and not was willing to correct this. For example, it was set at 7,000 feet and maintained an altitude of 7,300 feet. The other problem was that he had drawn an approch procedure nicely, but at one point he deviated from it and continued on his way in a completely wild direction. I was forced to heading to finish the journey.

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I Will try later. I use to approach manually but It should work as expected.

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Landing is much more interesting and especially lifelike if you follow the procedures given by the ATC. I really recommend it.

1: It’s really funny how some people believe “experts” are not working on it. They’re working directly from the aircraft manufacturer, which incidentally introduces complexity, because there are two parties with different focus working on the same thing.

2: Asking to unlock a premium aircraft is telling. If they unlocked it, it would easily become accessible to all whether they have purchased the required edition or not, which obviously is not a realistic request in any shape or form.

  1. If experts are working on the Longitude why are we still here with this aircraft two+ months after release?

  2. Unlocking the Premium aircraft to outside third party development will not induce pirating. Don’t know where some of you get this from. You can’t just copy all the Longitude files into the ‘Standard’ version of FS and expect it to work. You couldn’t do that with FS9 and FSX aircraft… There are hooks in place in the core sim that wouldn’t produce a working aircraft with just a copy paste (common since here but some don’t understand basic programming). All that’s asked here is config file access not the whole aircraft itself. This is what was done with the CJ4 with amazing results. Case in point, Asobo needs to update the HUD and cabin and only they can do that. That being said we wouldn’t even be here if Asobo actually made the extra cost we paid for Premium aircraft a priority. They are too busy with other glaring issues to work on this bird now. If they don’t have the time to address this bird in a reasonable time frame let someone else do it, don’t leave people hanging.

Sorry for being blunt but I’m just frustrated with the whole issue surrounding the Longitude. Some people would rather just wait on Asobo instead of getting this bird fixed once and for all…

I understand that point but unlocking the configs wouldn’t have to exclude the ability for MS/ASOBO to protect their control for the rest of the premium package.

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Not true that’s why their allowing WorkingTitle to update the aircraft.

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Thats great news at least