Longitude v1.10.7.0

Did test it today after many weeks, still has a lot of issues incl the wing rocking and de-icing system.

The Citation Longitude is a good example of how software developers shouldn’t treat customers. First there were malfunctions when publishing the MSFS and a lot of INOP´s in the cockpit, but we all were full of hope, that after two or three patches the errors will be corrected and we can fly the bird we had paid for. But in reality, it got worse with every patch and the plane is still not flyable as it should be (worse than at the beginning). I can accept that some “repairs” are difficult and I can also accept that priorities of the manifacturers maybe different from mine - but really annoying is, that basics are still not repaired - e.g.: Taxi and Landing light from cockpit view. There are MOD´s available for most of all other planes to correct this but not for the Longitude → it cannot be corrected by modders because ASOBO has decided to encrypt the configuration files. Only a few edits in config would bring us the lights as needed!!! This is no dissertation which has to be written, it´s just a few edits :frowning: I cannot understand, why ASOBO / Microsoft doesn´t use such quick wins…