Longterm for XBox

No one said PC is without bugs. Most of those bugs are common between the two platforms. What is unique is for Xbox specific OS level bugs, they break the sim or the addon, and there is no workaround until the OS is patched. PC, the developers can code and test for a workaround and release that fix. Xbox issues, it can be a 2-6 month turn around time, especially for purchased addons.

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Having a spearate forum for FS on XBox is just pointless. XBox topics are tagged ‘XBox’ on here so can easily be filtered much like ‘VR’ or ‘PC’ etc. The software is same across platforms so warrants one forum. Having a separate bug list is relevant, much needed and long overdue. For example, VR doesn’t have a separate forum but it does have a separate bug list. I don’t know why there is confusion over this it seems like a straight forward process to me.


Agreed here… As an Xbox owner, I don’t think we necessarily need a separate forum. But definitely a separate bug tracker that is posted during the weekly Dev updates for Xbox-only specific bugs. Bugs that impact both Xbox and PC can remain in the main bug tracker.


Not by a long shot. There are plenty of bugs and the overwhelming majority of them affect both platforms equally. There are very few platform-specific bugs by comparison.


i will have a new model xbox in winter 2024

Hello everyone,

I want all of you to know we have been following this thread very closely since it first started last week. I have personally read all 230 posts in this topic as of the time of this writing.

First, I want to thank everyone who has participated in this thread for keeping the conversation civil and constructive. Too often on these forums, any negative feedback about Microsoft Flight Simulator turns into what can only be described as angry rants. Posts like those are not helpful or productive, so it’s very refreshing for us to read a thread like this one. While it is overall negative in tone, the posts here are mature and contain many pieces of valuable feedback for the dev team.

I have a few comments in response to some specific concerns I have seen mentioned here (paraphrasing multiple posts instead of quoting people directly):

Microsoft doesn’t care about the player community on the Xbox platform. PC players are the priority and Xbox players are second-class citizens.

I can assure you this is not the case. We care about all our players equally, regardless of platform. There is not a single day that goes by where our forum moderators and Community Managers don’t have to close threads and remove multiple posts because a PC player is making blanket insults against all Xbox players by implying they are less than or not “real simmers” or making other kinds of elitist, gatekeeping comments. We know this isn’t the case. We know players on the Xbox platform are just as enthusiastic and dedicated to the hobby of flight simulation as those on the PC platform are. There are many reasons why any given flight simmer might choose to play on PC over Xbox or vice versa. Our goal is to make everyone who enjoys Microsoft Flight Simulator feel welcome and valued regardless of their platform.

Xbox players feel like concerns/bugs/issues relating specifically to their platform are being drowned out by PC players. Due to the voting mechanism used to prioritize topics for the weekly Development Update Blog post and monthly Dev Q&A, Xbox-specific items do not receive sufficient votes to bubble up to the top of the list.

We agree with you on this, and the Community Team has been discussing some ways in which we can make Xbox players feel like their specific concerns are being heard by the devs. To be clear, we have always passed on community feedback and the top priorities of all our players (PC, Xbox, VR, MS Store, Steam, etc.) to the developers, but I understand the perception that some groups may feel like their concerns are not being addressed because the responses in our dev updates and Q&A sessions focus on the top-voted issues from all forum members. Due to this voting system, the top priorities will gravitate toward the concerns of the biggest player subgroup(s). I don’t have any specific details to share with you at this time, but as a team we are discussing for 2022 some ways in which we can ensure we dedicate some time and space in our Dev Updates and Q&A sessions not only to the top-voted issues but also to some important player concerns that don’t reach the top of the voting list.

In the meantime, I encourage you to continue posting your feedback, bug reports, and wishlist requests in a mature and constructive manner. That is by far the best thing you can do to ensure your concerns are noted and ultimately shared with the developers (this advice also applies to any PC players reading this post, by the way).



I’m a PC user and I’ve been following this thread closely. Not just because I care about the product that is MSFS 2020 but as a concerned PC consumer that doesn’t understand how something so expensive continues to underperform its excited customer base so greatly. The marketing/commercial promises aside - I’ve yet to see the product I purchased on my PC; and now I understand just how poorly this product was delivered to Microsoft’s own platform, the Xbox.

To say that is befuddling is an understatement. I feel for the Xbox users (especially given their dependence on the marketplace), greatly, and perhaps even more than the PC users that have poured so much time and effort into reporting issues since the alpha.

All that aside - SeedyL3205, I, for one, greatly appreciate your contributions to this topic and your informative response. This is exactly the kind of feedback we all over this forum have been desperately seeking from MS/Asobo, the developers, or the moderators. A response as ‘simple’ as yours is immense in its effect, all for our combined and continued commitment to make this simulator excellent.


I just woke up and holy ■■■■. Have we just made a breakthrough? Tell me the comment from a community manager is just a figment of my imagination. Wow, just like so many of these kinds of threads, stuff like this usually falls on deaf ears. Can we trust this or is this just PR? It’s not particularly healthy is it that I have to take a position of distrust?

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No. No we didn’t make any sort of breakthrough at all. I just went into the store, was shocked, and went into Content Manager to verify. I have lost digital rights to approximately about 70% of my addons. My rights have been removed in the store, and the content removed from my Content Manager.

Now, what was my worst fear that I posted above. I would start losing my content because of developers pulling their product from the stores. I never imagined the marketplace would remove my rights.

Considering that we are talking about $2000 worth of addons here, I am actually pretty near the point where I just remove the game off my system and move on with my life…


Looks like we’ll all have to jump on and check our stuff now. When you say your rights have been removed from the store, have you been blocked from purchasing anything? What do you exactly mean by that? I also purchased the Enhanced AI and Global Shipping from Seafront, within an hour after release. It was completely removed off of my console, not only the store. There was no statement or warning they, assumably Microsoft were going to do that. I did voice my anger at the time that it was somehow a violation given that they could just hack into your console in that way. Did that happen to you back then?

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No, for example, the picture I show, for all of those product, it should say PURCHASED on the bottom, and INSTALLED on the top. In content manager, they should be listed. So in other words, 2 out of every 3 of my purchased, they have lost track that I own them anymore, and they have been removed from my system.


This just in. Looks like a great purge has begun?

Actually there’s a separate group for xbox users on Facebook and it’s been pretty successful. Over 50k members last I checked. Makes it a whole lot easier to pinpoint what bugs are platform specific.

I was reluctant to join the forums as the rules generally tend to be a bit antiquated. Bizarre reasons for lack of subforums when they thrive on other platforms, locking topics on the same subject as if the content to that subject doesn’t evolve with every update to the software, general gatekeeping and accusations of slander when 3rd party software is questioned.

Discussions just seem more productive on Facebook and Reddit than here. It would do the devs a world of good to start lurking other places. Joining a forum feels like entering into an HOA agreement. Many people with problems aren’t rushing here for help.


It’s just one thing after another. Most likely a server bug but c’mon guys. These small things that add up are what absolutely will send people over the edge and away from this product. And now I have to hope once this is fixed my purchase from 30 minutes ago actually went through (the one that came with an email receipt for fancy sim credits).

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I’m afraid the latter. Read it closely, mostly manager word salad, saying what the author thinks we want to hear, and not much of substance.


So even if they fix this, all these items have been removed from my system. So I look forward to spending a whole night redownloading content.

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Agree with this. I’m not sure the gatekeeping argument (or really a lot of what was stated) works for this thread, in fact I’m not even sure that was a specific complaint. Not to say I don’t appreciate any type of response but in a sense its ■■■■■■ if you do ■■■■■■ if you don’t for the MS/Asobo team. But definitely not a lot of real substance going on there in my opinion.

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I think I said something similar in the DC-6 thread I started a few weeks ago but words really mean nothing, especially to a customer. So until we see true action, yes this is a manager word salad (credit @KCRibs1).

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They are “Investigating” the purged products now. Does anyone wanna place bets? Is this honestly “normal” for this kinda thing to happen? I’m gonna have a look on my profile right now.

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I can confirm: all my purchased aircraft are showing as not purchased in Xbox marketplace. They are still installed and usable though. This is quite worrying.

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