Looking for a aircraft

Hey iam locking for a multi engine piston plane, no turboprop.
But it has to be more power ( TAS) then the Baron.
Is there such plane or mod?

From the stock selection, you might like the DA62 - especially with the NXi (Marketplace, free) and DA62X mods, although it’s just a bit slower, it’s still fun.

The closest thing in the Marketplace is the Piper Seneca from Carenado. It has about the same cruise speed as the Baron according to specs. Unless you go turbine, that’s pretty much it for now.

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Yea thanks but i moved on from the DA to Baron cause it had more power😊

Will try the piper then

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Another sleeper you might consider is the Widgeon, but you need to be into that aesthetic, taildraggers, and willing to do a lot of hand flying as the autopilot is limited.

That being said, it is more powerful than you might expect with a POH power cruise around 160 knots and has one of the best flight models in the sim IMHO (although my exposure is limited to Xbox). It is a little rough in places and is certainly not as pretty as the Carenado aircraft.

with baron i fly like 195 TAS … Hard to match i guess.

Flying Ironsim P-38
Lockheed Electra

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Junker J52, great plane very basic but fun to fly .

its makes more then 195 KTAS?

Power and TAS are two different things.

No it does not . It flys at 143 knots or 265 km

265??? Not at a level attitude that is!!!

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