Looking for a team to recreate BCATP airfields

Years ago, there was a dedicated team of people who re-created the airfields of the BCATP across Canada. What is this? The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan was the biggest air training program in history. It trained many of the non-US allied pilots for Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and more…

Now that we are seeing appropriate training aircraft from this period in the sim (Stearman, Harvard/Texan), and with hopes for more, I would like to invite correspondence from airport and asset designers who would be interested in being part of bringing such a project to MSFS.

Freeware or payware? Who knows. Let’s see who is interested and we can explore that later. I would act as project coordinator, writer, researcher. Express your interest in this thread, either to be involved or as a future user of the project.

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That would be a great project. Would certainly partake if project comes to fruition! Unfortunately I have no expertise on the creation side.

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I would be interested in this as well, since I live in the city where the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum (https://airmuseum.ca/) is located and a number of the nearby airfields were part of the CATP.

CYBR would be my first choice to recreate if we get designers interested. It is only 90 minutes drive from me. Here on the prairie that makes us neighbours!!! Heck, when I first moved from Ontario, I made a trip to Brandon every week just to get my Timmies fix.

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