Looking for a USB keyboard for my laptop! Any recommendations?

Hi there, I’m in the process of looking for an USB Keyboard for my laptop… Any recommendations? The reason why I’m looking for an USB keyboard, For instance I have a FN key that I need to press before using a function key…Like using putting FLAPS up or Down…Oh , Also I don’t have an numeric pad on my laptop…Any help is appreciated. TIA

Really depends on your budget and local options.
I have been grabbing backlit traditional style keyboards for sometime now.

sooo … things to consider:

  • do you need wireless
  • do you want full size or small and portable for travel
  • do you need a gamer keyboard with programmable keys that can do a sequence of things or repeat a key stroke at intervals
  • is ergonomics a consideration
  • do you want backlit keys
  • do you need programmable backlightng that flashes in a funky pattern
  • do you want mechanical keys where you can replace individual keys if they wear out, and you get to choose the characteristics of the key strokes (Cherry MX Brown versus Red for example)
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I just bought this one and so far I am happy with it. Amazon.com

Key clicks are rather loud but…seems to work fine.

this is my one,

razor ornata

So, as EdamllamaB replied - there are many factors to consider.

To help ensure you make the best choice, you should probably prioritize each of your requirements and then check out the top recommended keyboards in some of the review sites, including YouTube, The Wirecutter, etc.

One other factor to consider also, is clicking clatter noise levels. There are many “gamer” style keyboards that will drive all of your friends and family out of the house, if you spend a lot of time on the keyboard especially at night.

But there are many quiet ones out there these days, too!

Choose your poison!