Looking for Advice - Choice of Two HP Workstations, one 4 Core, one 12 Core

I am looking for advice.

I have two HP workstations that I can use for MSFS. But, due to the differences between these computers, I do not know which would be best for MSFS.

Both are running Windows 10 Pro, 64 Bit, version 2004 (the latest as far as I know.)

The first one is an HP Z420, single CPU, Intel Xeon e5-1607 v2, with 4 Cores / 4 threads.

The CPU in the HP z420 is running at 3.0 GHz


The second one is an HP Z820, Dual CPU, Each Intel Xeon E5-2620 0, with 12 cores, 24 threads (6 cores/12 Threads per CPU). Note that the Z820 has an HP 1125 Watt power supply.

Each CPU in the HP Z820 is running at 2.0.GHz.

Currently, I am using the HP820 and have 28 GB of RAM, and I have two Nvidia GTX-1060 GPUs, each with 3 GB of VRAM.

This memory and both GPUs can be put into the HP z420 and I would benefit from a faster CPU speed, but with far fewer cores and threads.

I hope MSFS is updated to support multiple undockable windows, similar to the capabilities of MS FS X.

I use a multiple monitor setup, but I am limited to the main monitor, with the other monitors limited to certain auxiliary windows such as the Checklist. I have not been able to get the ATC window to work on another monitor.

It may make sense to upgrade the GPU’s to one or two of the RTX 3000 models. In fact, I feel that one of the new models will be a worthwhile investment.

But the 2.0 GHz speed of the HP Z820 is a concern.

The bios date on the HP Z820 is 12/28/2001, but this may be upgradeable.

The memory in both computers is DDR3, registered ECC memory. The memory is installed in the recommended order as specified by HP for a Dual CPU system.

So, my question is:

For MSFS, is the 24 Thread Dual CPU running at 2.0 GHz Z820 better, or would the 4 Thread, Single CPU running at 3.00 GHz be better?

There may be a way to upgrade the CPUs in the HP Z820. But I do not know if I will have to, or should upgrade the motherboard, and/or the RAM.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide.


Dan Keaton

Ideally you want a processor with the best single core performance, and I’m not sure if MSFS will benefit at all from dual CPU or if it can even utilize it so in your case I’d go with the faster single CPU, the HP Z420. In my experience with flight sims, number of cores and threads mean very little. Single core is where its at.

Dear LiveHotWired,

Thank you for sharing your experience and advice.


Dan Keaton