Looking for advise about gauges software

Hi fellow simmers,
In my project to realize a somewhat realistic Cessna 172 cockpit I am at the point to decide about what software to use for the fip’s.
To my knowledge there are three options:

  • Logitech driver/native msfs2020 gauges
  • Spad.next with a bunch of gauges from their marketplace
  • fsxtimes gauges

Would anyone with first hand experience want to share some advise which could help me on making the choice on how to proceed?
Will Asobo publish more gauges at some point, f.ex a clock or a ball compass?

The picture below shows the current state of the cockpit. There are two more fips to be mounted below the nav-monitor, displaying the tachometer and ADF, and the Bravo Throttle.
I guess that all in all I’m short of three gauges: clock in top left corner, ball compass on top, and a second VOR- gauge linked to the second radio panel (the latest Logitech driver will help to realize this I read).

So I am already on track, and could use some help from the community in this final stage. Thanks for your insights!

I would recommend Spad.Next, which I’ve used for several years i.c.w. FSX and now with MSFS. No drivers needed to connect Yokes, Throttle Quadrants, TPM, Multi Panel etc and certainly FIP’s and very easy to setup.

I have only 4 Flight Panel Instruments, but have 24 socalled Fipgauges from Fipgauges.com which I run on a different monitor. These fipgauges are much cheaper than the hardware ones (+/- € 5).


Hi Peter. Thanks. Do you know if fipgauges has the ‘four in one’ for the bottom left gauge?

I wasn’t able to find that one, and fsxtimes seems to lack the clock (top left) and ball compass.

So it seems that either way I won’t be able to get all the instruments I need. But maybe I’m missing something here.

And do you know something about the performance? Somewhere I read that running multiple fips on spas (more than four) tends to compromise performance.