Looking for an expert in FS2020 liveries for some paid work

Hello everyone,

I am looking for someone who could recreate any livery in FS2020 and take beautiful screenshots at very high graphics settings in various environment/daytime/weathers.

To explain a bit: I recently founded my company specialized in aircraft liveries and I had a request for a 3D rendering of a custom livery in FS2020 for screenshots purposes only (which would be displayed on the customer’s website). The reason for FS2020 is that the results are very good (on a robust PC) and 3D design agencies charge a lot of money for an equivalent service. I would send you the PSD file of the customer’s livery (sideview, top, front if needed) to help you redesign it. As I work in 2D and do not have FS2020, I am not in a position to do this myself. Of course I do not expect this to be free and I am willing to pay a reasonnable price for the service.

If anyone is in a position to perform this work, please contact me via Personal Message with some screenshots of liveries you made yourself so I can judge the quality and the graphic settings. I wish to remain anonymous on the public forum so I will not display the company’s name.

Thank you!

Feel free to message my Facebook page (vLegion) or find me on discord.