Looking for Developers for 757

Hey Everyone!!! Dev Digital is currently looking for developers to help work on there 757. We need developers who are familiar with WASM, JS, JSReact, RUST, or substance painter.

We currently Need help with Textures, Getting screens working and systems.

If you are interested you can add me on discord @Fresh#9205 or join our discord and create a ticket.
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What kind of program is substance painter? :slight_smile:
I could help you with textures but I work with Photoshop 2020 and Gimp.

I don’t use Substance but it’s a procedural / dynamic way of making textures more realistic and interesting out of combining layers with filters and various rules etc so the results can look more organic without needing huge unique high resolution single texturemaps. Pretty complex!

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Honestly Its very simple to learn, I learned it in over an hour but I just need someone else to help with it so I can start to learn JS and get the aircraft working.