Looking for EST friend to fly with

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for someone to fly with. I would prefer EST just so scheduling a time to fly would be a tad bit easier. I’m still open to flying with anyone though. Let me know if you’d like to fly sometime!

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Im in Ireland amd you can add me on the xbox my gamertag is BeamyNobleDrew


I´am from Argentina, but i would love to fly with foreign colleagues. You may add me on the sim, my user tag is FEDEX3408359.

Add me too Beamy.

will add you both when i land in the mean time you guys work away with adding me we can get a group flight going when there enough of us, im live on twitch any time i fly

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Look for my username in there or send a request. I’ll be in there tomorrow more than likely, since my internet isnt installed yet. I’m in michigan so EST works for me

cant seem to find some of you guys so if you want you can add me and ill add ya back, SEE YA IN THE SKIES

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How is everyone chatting while flying?

I still don’t know how to fly with a group. If anyone is looking to show a newbie how to do multiplayer I’d love to. We can setup a time to do it. GranPicasso.

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there are a couple of ways:

  1. check this page out for the MSFS groupflights Latest Community/Community Events topics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums All the instructions are there.
  2. add friends in MSFS and meet for example on discord to talk during flight
  3. check out youtube/twitch streamers that organise frequent groupflights and join them, and if you dont know how, just ask them in the chat during their stream and they will explain
  4. join a club Latest Fly Together/Clubs & Groups topics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Just a couple of tips:

  • always make sure you are on the same server in MSFS

  • join a group that fits you. If you like to hang around and do some crazy stuff, it would be better not to join a groupflight on vatsim (with professional ATC guidance) for example

  • if you want to fly with me one time, just sent a DM and we will organise something.

  • enjoy!

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Most common way to chat is with discord.
There is no direct cht function available in MSFS

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I’m down to fly sometime. Do you have discord so we can easily communicate?

there is the xbox party chat not just discord

there are even more ways to communicate. Every suggestion is welcome!