Looking for friends to explore with

Hi I am new to this game and don’t seem to have any active friends playing it so I’m trying to find a group or anything to be able to fly and explore the world with and I’m in the central time zone at around 5 pm till any time after lol I’m on most the night

Hi roomier, any luck find some flying friends? Im interested :sunglasses:

Hi! I’d love to join as well! Got the same problem :smiley: I’m from germany btw. Where are you from? I’m not experienced in flying large commercial aircraft, but since your Thread says “explore”, i assume you also like it low and slow :slight_smile:
Unfortunately i couldn’t find a “RoomierSniper44”. If you’re interested, maybe you cloud try to find me (Catarrhinito)

I’m down to join. I’m in the eastern time zone, but since I work night shift, I’m available all evening and night on weekends.