Looking for friends to explore with

Hi I am new to this game and don’t seem to have any active friends playing it so I’m trying to find a group or anything to be able to fly and explore the world with and I’m in the central time zone at around 5 pm till any time after lol I’m on most the night


Hi roomier, any luck find some flying friends? Im interested :sunglasses:

Hi! I’d love to join as well! Got the same problem :smiley: I’m from germany btw. Where are you from? I’m not experienced in flying large commercial aircraft, but since your Thread says “explore”, i assume you also like it low and slow :slight_smile:
Unfortunately i couldn’t find a “RoomierSniper44”. If you’re interested, maybe you cloud try to find me (Catarrhinito)

I’m down to join. I’m in the eastern time zone, but since I work night shift, I’m available all evening and night on weekends.


Im looking for some people to fly with. I’m from the UK.

Located in central US and have been on at nights as well.
Been expanding a career out of my local area in NeoFly lately but down to do what/where-ever.

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anyone want to join me? west coast time

Eastern USA, feel free to add me Aviator42.

I’m in the central time as well fly mostly 5pm to 11pm would be able to fly with you. Let me known.

Would also like to fly with you @LJackson7341. I am in Central time zone and can fly in the evenings.
Do you have Discord?

Yes I just got discord I’m very new at all of this I’ll send a friend request on flight simulator 2020 tonight and we can plan a flight.

Habs7176 here. Brand new to the sim so you will need patience :slight_smile:

May I join you im also a beginner. Is being 13 years old a problem? If not my discord is Falcon0001#9649

Looking for a flying buddies, you can find me on Discord bravoboy#8179

Hey if you are still looking or anyone else in this thread I’m interested, new to this and have no flying buddies.

Alex862797 on the sim

I am new to flt sim fly late evenings usually maybe 3 times a week
I will check back tomorrow. i am a pilot. cst time

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I have been away from the sim for a few months. New install, new computer. Details of friends do not seem to be retained, so looking to add people.

UK based day time or evening, flying all types including fast jets (MB339, Typhoon) and Heli (H135)

All welcomed at add me.

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Send me a message,Im not an expert in msfs but willing to help out and have fun flying as well. mostly GA aircraft and helis

I can be your friend