Looking for friends to explore with

I’m down to fly, live in CST. I prefer jets, such as the Tomcat or Goshawk, for formation flying, tricks, or just flying from AFB to another AFB. However, I will fly anything. I’m home about 5pm, but because of the season change I end up flying on the west coast in the afternoon. Let me know…be nice to fly with other pilots.

not sure how to add anyone?

so how do I add a friend??

how do i add a friend

Hi Flybear7! Are you playing on Xbox or PC? If playing MFS on Xbox, you can go to your friends list and type the username you are looking for and press add friend. The “friend” will need to accept in order for you to see them when they are online. I just sent you a friend request in Xbox, not the game. Also, none of my Xbox friends play MFS, but I do believe you can see which friends are online playing MFS when you are in the game itself…that’s if they’ve already been added as your friend. Feel free to message me in Xbox, I think I will be able to help further. Also I should be on tonight around 6pm CST.

I’m playing on a PC. It was frozen for a couple days and I have just recently got back in and I’m now able to go online and play again

Okay I’ll try to add you next time I’m online. Computer in the bedroom so I can’t play right now.

I am in the UK as well if you fancy meeting up. I am flying on Xbox if that is ok? I fly most evenings, but only for an hour or so

I am down to fly with you alec

Excellent. Just added you as a friend on Xbox. See you in the sky. How do we chat?

mb for late response i dont get notifications on this need to enable. i have discord if that ok with you?

Hi everyone,

I am very interested to fly with new friends, I played flight sim since I was young FS2004/FSX and now 2020, however, I am not an expert, mainly flying VFR, I believe flying in a company will be a whole different experience.

I am based in Germany, so UTC +1

Fly safely :laughing: :v:

I’m also looking for someone to do some formation flying with F-14’s. I often fly out of Orlando, NY LaGuardia, LA or Honolulu. Hunt me down. 5-6 ET or weekends.

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Always looking for some flying friends. Add me on Xbox DefiantPrawn. US central time zone. Online various day and night times. Home airport is KCXO

Looking for some friends to fly with, I’m kind of new to the flight sims and at the current moment I’m playing on keyboard I’ll be getting a H.O.T.A.S In a month or so. My Time Zone Is EST, Contact me using my discord Kazuma#9127

Hi the time zone: Were are you living. I am in New Zealand

I’m from Canada

Je ne sais pas comment faire ! Peut-on se parler comme dans les anciennes versions de FS ? Au début des années 2000, avec FS version X ?

I’m down to join.

I always enjoy exploring FS with others - makes it more interesting!