Looking for friends to fly with

Hi, looking for friends to fly with, like flying the a320, tbm, and Cessna aircraft. Been flying in the SIM for quite a while now mainly solo. Live in the UK

I’m with a group that does GA flying on VATSIM, with our own ATC, different things on different evenings, there’s a beginners group, a helicopter group, an international group.

This Tuesday we’re flying Aberdeen/Perth/Cumbernauld, any route you fancy. ATC (usually) at all three airports. Most people fly things like C172s. A320s not allowed under club rules (good luck landing that at Cumbernauld). Not actually sure about the TBM930.

(Despite the name we also have non UK members)


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That’s sounds good but now sim on the Xbox console which I don’t think you can get vatsim on

Id be up for a few flights sometime, my msfs name is same as here add me on it. I’m heading to work now but will be on tonight no doubt

I am online mainly all afternoons in a Cessna.Add me as a friend and join a discord channel for talking.
My name is ScottMDA


Ah, no, you can’t, though I think it will happen. Human ATC is so much better than AI ATC.

Hi I’ve been looking to do some multiplayer flights with the FBW a320

Sounds good I will add you as a friend, haven’t flowen the fwb a320 much normally just the default a320

Oh cool! Yeah you have Snapchat or anywhere better to chat? And yeah the FBW is soo much better and free! I can help you to use it as I fly that all the time
My name on flight sim is lfcdommy if you want to add me