Looking for mature sim group


Im looking for a group that would do missions and host events.
Game is super fun but i guess its even more fun if your with a group :slight_smile:
Would love for the group to have a rank system (discord) And maybe a pilot school within the group (For new players / simmers)

Anyone out there? :slight_smile:

Not a new simmer but i still have alot to learn about flying.

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Sounds like a good idea!

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Why don’t you look at a Virtual Airline (VA), there are plenty out there that offer what you are looking for and more. I am currently flying with Fly UK (https://flyuk.aero/)

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Thanks for the tip! I will check em out :slight_smile:

Check out:



Looking for ACTIVE fliers !

There’s a pretty active bushflyers club on facebook and discord, organising a trip every week.

By Mature,…
You most surely be referring to Simmers who don’t spend time trying to land 747’s on top of Skyscrapers.
Kind Regards.

I run a series of events each week with a following of 200+ pilots in Discord at present. Since MSFS has released, I’ve run about 150 events covering different aircraft and styles of flying. I try to add an educational aspect to the flights but key is to have fun and enjoy one another’s company.

You would be very welcome to join our flights. All details can be found under the Community events area in this forum.

Aussie Group Flights Team.