Looking for people to fly with in the US Eastern Time Zone

Hello Everyone,

I’m Looking for people to fly with in the US Eastern Time Zone. I’m on the Xbox Series X. I’d like to do some flights where we can check out iconic tourist sites in National Parks. Or even hidden places not well known.

I’d love to play for hours but having a family and other obligations I could on commit to 2hr flights possibly twice a week. I was hoping to get group that has a consistent schedule flying the same days and time each week. Please let m know if you’re interested.


I fly on my PC, but Im in Ma, and could join you for some flights. It seems like it could be fun.

Sorry for the late response. Getting back into the swing of things after the holidays. Is anyone up for flying tonight? 8-10PM EST? We could leave from Denver and check out Garden of the Gods and some places in the Rockies.

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That would work for for me - my screen name is Philski24

Are you on Xbox or pc?

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PC for me.

Hey, I’m in NYC and I’m down for a flight group. I can do mostly after 5pm on weekdays and some weekends depending on time.

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I am flying on PC platform in GA. I have been wanting to experience flying with others online… with those who share this passion. Sounds like fun.


in Massachusettes here…havnt used multiplayer yet and trying to expand my horizons with the sim would love to fly with anyone interested…mostly GA myself but would do watever if anyone interested let me know

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Down yo fly tonight?

:man_facepalming: my tag is Philski24 - I should have mentioned that. If you see me on, feel free to ad me. Might not have a lot of time in the coming weeks but hopefully will have plenty after that!

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Anyone want to do a bush trip together tonight? 7pm EST.

Let me know your gamertag so I can add you. Mine is crazyboutfishin.

I’d be happy to fly with you in us eastern time zone my gamertag is Darm69

I am in Ohio , fly with xbox like to fly US Eastern TimeZone

You got discord? I am down to fly with you

I’m in Michigan and use US Eastern server.
Usually fly prop planes.

Hey I am in Michigan as well. Near Battle Creek (Marshall), Looking for someone to fly with. Retired so available any time. Love to fly in Michigan or Ohio. Prop planes as well!!

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I’m a fairly new flyer to MSFS 2020 in Indiana. I try to get on for an hour or so at night around 2030. Would like to find some folks to fly with once in a while. Username on the game is INDYMX

Metro/Suburban NYC here, home airport is KHPN. would be happy to join you all sometime. I work a 9-5 but am free most nights during the week!