Looking for people to fly with


I’m from Ireland and usually flying in the mornings around 9am gmt and in the evenings around 9.30gmt, looking for people to fly and sightsee with.
Anyone interested?

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I’m from Cork, Ireland!

More than happy to join sometime although I’m not the most experienced in GA aircraft. Mainly fly the A32NX

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From cork as well, what part?
I’m new to the sim had it about 2 weeks so by no means an excellent flyer but looking to just go out and explore new places



I’m from Cornwall, and was thinking the other day how cool it would be to fly with someone. Be great to join in and say hi. @captmatto in sim as well.


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Awesome, be nice to get a little group together

im from dublin but living in armagh almost always on if ya ever wanted to join me

The Flying Irish

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Glanmire! you on Xbox or PC?

From macroom myself. Pc you?

Likewise Alex. Im PC aswell! be great to fly together sometime, I recently purchased Cork Airport addon. not bad at all!

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#XboxArmy xbox all the way

Brilliant tonight maybe should be on about 9.30?

LOL. Xbox Army.

I’ll stay with PC thank you.

Cool bud, drop me a DM with your username etc and I can add you.

Perfect think my username is same as here, im in work till 9 so maybe if you have time make a nice flight plan, maybe an hour or so?

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Hi you still up for doing multiplayer flights with the a320?

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HI, I fly over Urris, Clonmany, my homeland as a boy. live in UK since adulthood. fly mostly light GAs around London & Sthn England. Would like to fly around smaller irish airfields & do random field landings. I’m not familiar with how to multifly with known buddies so taking pot luck that i am read here.

Hello Alex. I’m in Alaska. Been to the UK twice. Fly the A320 Airbus. I’m about 9 hrs behind you. I’m retired so on most times

Hi Alex, I’ve been flying GA VFR around Ireland lately, last night out of Sligo. I fly multiplay with others with headset coms on Discord. no-one seems to know how to actually meet up with people on MS2020. If you know how, pls let me know. My Discord name is joedoh11945#8380. Joe