Looking for some people to fly with

Hi all, my name is Derrick. I’m looking for a few people to do some flying with. I mainly fly the A32NX but I also recently purchased the Aerosoft CRJ and am open to occasional single prop exploring. I have a discord of my own or I’d be interested in joining yours as well. I try to be as realistic as possible when I fly. I occasionally fly on vatsim. I’m still trying to learn the ropes on there but I have a good understanding of it. I’m no begginer by any means but I also don’t know everything there is to know either. I live in the US Eastern time zone and mainly fly in the evenings. Hope to find some good folks to fly with soon!

If you are looking to do some VFR flying around the world with typically 30 odd pilots (not that we are ODD), check out the Comunity Events for Aussie Group Flights Team Events for a flight we do every Friday at 1000z.

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EasternHops offers group commercial airline flights, flying to random parts of the world come and check us out. we also host the official Cessna Sundays each week

Visit EasternHops website here

Hi, due to my schedule I am not able to join a scheduled flight plan. Is there a group or a people where there is a flight all the time so you can just join anytime, in the old version of MSFS it used to be. Thanks

Hello, do you have place for new friends, itryed most of aircraft and purchase the crj who i need to improved the fms settings, I don’t know if we can fly together like co-pilote to assis and learn, i am reliaible and like to realistic. I do my lesson with vatsim too. I am a former aircraft engeiner and work on many airliners.