Looking for upgrade recommendation

Hi Folks,

Currently I have the following config:
i7-10700K (running on 5GHz)
RTX 2080 Super
32Gb RAM
Windows 11
MSFS runs from 1TB NVMe
Samsung C34F791 3440 x 1440 pixels, 34 "

At the moment with generally HIGH graphic setting with native resolution I can run in the sky around 50-60fps, but on the ground and during approach there is a big fps hit. On addon airport with lot of traffic (vatsim) during approach the fps can drop under 30 which can be annoying, also during taxi fps is 25-30 which is not nice, but due to low speed it is manageable.
Also, I am not disappointed about the graphic, but a bit jealous when watching YouTube videos how crisp their plane surfaces and grass, etc. :slight_smile:

I was thinking maybe having a smaller 32" monitor with similar resolution then it would look better?
As I was reading around the i7-10700K and RTX2080 Super considered a pretty good match. Would it make sense to invest in a new GPU? In the motherboard the maximum CPU I can put is the 11th gen.

I am looking for upgrade and not PC replacement :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for all ideas!


I have the same CPU. Monitor is also 3440x1440. I upgraded from an RTX 2060s and now on a Radeon RX6800. TAA 70+fps on the ground in less demanding areas with GA aircraft on ultra settings compared to just 30-35fps on the same settings. VRAM usage is now averaging around 12gb offering an overall smoother performance.

Keep your monitor. Ultrawide offers an immersive experience you won’t get on 16:9 ratio.
If you prefer to stick with Nvidia perhaps look into the RTX 4080? That may probably have serious bottlenecking with the 10700k.

I’m now limited by mainthread with the PMDG 737 maxing out @40-45fps on the ground. Stutters are still present with live AI traffic enabled. If you are CPU bound at big airports a GPU upgrade wont do much.

I’m not sure what boost an i9 11900k will even bring.