Looking for VR benchmarks

That’s awesome, and no stutters/frame drops at all?

Still get very occasional stutters with sudden head movements. Can’t seem to get rid of them fully but they’re rarer now so I’m happy. I’m about to download the SU10 beta but am not going to get my hopes up - early feedback is very mixed on the forum.

Weird, I get landscape stutters a fair amount since the last couple of updates, but head movement is always 100% smooth

Trying to tack onto an old thread here…

Pretty new MSFS player here. Currently using a Rift S with a 3070 Ti. With the GPU prices seemingly coming down and maybe getting a bit more desire to want to have more resolution in VR I am thinking about changing to a higher res headset like Quest 2, but even today I am already a bit FPS/stuttering challenged especially with city environment or flying things with glass cockpit. Would looking into a 3090 or 3090 Ti offer a dramatic improvement appreciable in performance?

My PC setup is still relatively new with a 12700 but when I first spec it out I was more thinking in terms of racing sim and the PC is fine for that but MSFS now is the big performance hog of my games…

I upgraded from a 3080 to a 3090Ti. My system is a i7-9700KF CPU & Reverb G2. After the upgrade, I was able to set my scaling up to 100% and bump some in-game settings from medium to high or ultra for the same frame rate in VR (mid-30s most places). Noticeable improvement in image quality!
Another bonus with the 3090Ti is 24GB of VRAM, which may be an advantage when DX12 is stable.

I also had to buy the signal booster and extra display port cable to get around the 3090Ti and VR headset issue - I don’t remember if Rift S / Quest 2 are affected:

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The only website that I’ve found that does a good benchmarking job for VR is babeltech.

I did bite the bullet and get a 3090Ti in the end and its a very big step, I can crank most details up and still get usable frame rate now. Though feeling a bit silly after the 4000 series announcement today…

don’t worry about it too much. the 3090ti is a beast of a card. Nvidia is counting on you feeling a bit silly so they can squeeze just a bit more out of you. wait until actual benchmarks come out with the new cards and then decide. with the improvements coming from Asobo, the 3090ti will hold up for awhile yet.

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