Looking through the pilots sunglasses

Hi Guys,

How do you get out of the situation where you are now in the cockpit with the animated crew and looking through the pilot’s sunglasses. Some mouse functions no longer work e.g., changing the view range on the PFD/MFD.

When the flight started i was the only one in the cockpit. It changed during the flight. Is there a way to exit this mode?

Am I missing something animated pilot?? Only from external view or some payware planes I am confused?

Normally you see the pilots from the external views or via the drone. When positioned in the cockpit it is normally clear but sometimes (don’t know what triggers it) you find yourself with the co-pilot and realise you are in the head of the pilot and can even see his sunglasses in front of your eyes.

My biggest issue is that some of the mouse functionality simply doesn’t work as expected in this state.

So thats the CJ Mod, its just I have not flown CJ forcover a week

This is a bug I’ve experienced once. Hover the mouse cursor near the top of the window until the dropdown menu appears. Click the camera icon and cycle between external and cockpit views. That’s what fixed it for me during a flight.

Didn’t work for me.

FIXED IT! Once I put my TrackIR hat back on and re-enabled TrackIR, everything returned to normal.

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