Looking to fly with anybody!

I would love to fly with someone or a group of people! I don’t know anybody who owns FS 2020 besides myself so I’m reaching out here.


Let’s go flying. Where do you want to go?

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KBZN- Bozeman-Yellowstone International to KBIL-Billings Logan International? Both are in Montana, USA near where I Live?

Unless you want somewhere else?

I like your suggestion, lets do that. I’ll meet you on the ramp in 55 min. Real weather and time? Any aircraft preference?

It"s nice weather here so lets do real weather and time. Pick a Single Engine Prop of your choice, I was going to fly my Cessna Turbo Skylane from Carenado.

I suppose we need to be on the same server as well? What are you on?

I’ll be on the US West coast server if that works for you.

That’s my usual server anyways so that is fine. See you soon! And thanks for your response on this!

If anybody else would like to Join in, you are welcome to! Be on the ramp at KBZN in T-33 Minutes.

I’ll join you guys. Might bail early.

10 minutes

Are you guys on Discord?

No we aren’t

I will come all the way from Melbourne, Australia to join you. Oh, nice sunset! Cheers.

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If anybody sees this, my joystick unplugged and I went down, just keep blind the route and I am going to takeoff from an airport not far from where everybody should be right now

Nice part of the world you live in! Cheers.

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It is. Thanks for joining in!

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Billings is about 60 miles from our current location. If you look off to your right side you will see the Yellowstone River. It is the longest and Un-Damned river in the United States.