Looking to fly with anybody!

I am on your right wing ))

This whole thread makes me smile.


You have all just gone from my screen - server down?

I see the others, make sure you are on US West.

I see you behind me

Oh boy, its getting dark fast. I need to turn off all the lights in the room to see the screen LOL

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Thank you all so much for joining in!! I keep forgetting about daylight savings time, I was hoping we would be in the daylight a little more but oh well.

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I lost you all half way through. Am on West USA. What a bummer - I was really enjoying it. Cheers.

I’ll be landing 25 guys

Sorry bud!

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I was just doing what the tower said. Nice flight, thanks.

Great flight guys, I really appreciate you doing it with me and seeing the part of the world that I live in, you should check it out during the day more sometime!


If you anyone flies airliners and play on vatsim, hit me up so we can do some flights.

If you are looking for flight events to join, feel free to join our events we run every Friday - ref: Aussie Flight Group Team: Aussie Flight Group Team - Hiroshima to Osaka

Everyone welcome. Just read the details for the flight, so you know how to connect etc.

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if you are still looking for a Group, here is my Discord. We do regular Group Flights. And I am from Belgium by the way :slight_smile:
PaPaPilot Discord

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