Looking To Join A Great Established Flying Group? Enjoy Scenic, Low & Slow Theme Based VFR Events, Then Plz Read!

The Flying Brigade

Is a group of mostly North American enthusiasts and active fliers that enjoy exciting & fun themes based events held often weeknights and weekend evenings, and always in a fitting N.A time zone, EASTERN STANDARD TIME and we’re based in Toronto Canada!

If you enjoy:

Scenic based VFR events with cool features not used elsewhere like our Live IN Event Audio Service, Many Themed Events Like Bush Trips & Scenic endeavors, and feature locations that we focus on makes for very exciting events, flown by usually 10-20 pilots each event and not the herd style of impersonal and less engaging group flights of 30-40 planes that are found by posting in a public format that we avoid but offering our events up to only our great and many members.



Joining us is free, but before you do we ask that you check first ‘if we fit you’, as we are only looking for more new active pilots to join us at TFB:

-Are you in, or near the EST timezone? North America is the majority of our membership

-Do you enjoy low and slow scenic VFR themed based events held often? Currently we are offering and running 12 events ! Including our Famous BushMaster Series and The SkyLines events as well!

Here’s a recent shot from our third Bushmaster Event (of 8 coming!) in Chile !

-Do you enjoy flying in a group and with other friendly and helpful pilots and just the greatest guys out in our community(as we cater to all skill levels) in events and route locations and sites that are designed and tested, not just waypoints plunked along a line to form a route.

-We also have more events, than any other group with 12 events ready to go when we came to discord!

-Are you maybe looking for a more personal group flight experience say than joining many of the great public event offerings?. Our outings are private for our members only, and we share our names on the discord to build friendships, that is harder to do in public events.

And much more…

Then JOIN US TODAY AT TFB and JOIN US ON OUR NEAT & ORGANIZED DISCORD SERVER WITH 2 CHAT ROOMS/EVENTS-CALENDAR/NEWS&UPDATES/And Our 3 Event Pages for the three types of events we are running currently! If your an active flyer, friendly and in our time-zone we’d love to have you!

NOTE PLZ BEFORE JOINING US: * If you do not feel you would participate in many of our events (HELD EVERY MON/THURS/SAT EVE’S on EST zone) or not participate or contribute in any way, THEN PLEASE DO NOT JOIN OUR GROUP, AS WE ARE INVITING ACTIVE SIM USERS ONLY -THANK YOU!

(This invite will be kept ‘active’, if its found ‘not to be’, simply msg me and I will update it, thnx)

We look forward to meeting you soon, try us on, we think you’ll be glad you did!

Thank You!

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Invalid/expired discord link :slight_smile:

Sent you new working link and thread updated with new link also


There is a GREAT group of flyers in the TFB. Everything you want, and NONE of the “Foulmouth Flying HORDES”. And we enjoy checking out FS2020 scenic places without just flying at 20K ft over the clouds!

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Very well said and thnx for chiming in a good word Captain Carl! THNX SO MUCH!!!


Invite link refreshed… :slight_smile:

We have FOUR INVITE spots left, if your an active flier in the sim, friendly and love to have MORE FUN? Then maybe consider TFB!

And if you do, we have a featured event in both Saturday evening of the 12th and Monday the 14th both at 7:30 in EST (GMT-5)

Join TFB if wishing !


Updated 14/12/2020 !


I’d like to join you guys, but I am fairly new to flight simming. Do you have a target experience level you are looking for? I mostly gravitate to the Light Sport Aircraft. About 6-7 years I had about 30ish hours in FSX before life and kids put flight simming on hold. Now with MSFS (and older kids) I plan on being fairly active, and I’d like to dust off the yoke and rudder pedals to start again.

I’d really like to join a group like this to see where MSFS can take me, and get better as a sim pilot.

Thnx for your post and welcome to the community. We are a varied skill level group and you sound like a great fit. We are most friendly and accept all skill levels. Serious but not too serious and we have more fun and features and more events per week (3) than any other group, and our discord server is actually simple, very neat and organized and has an event calendar (what a concept!) :slight_smile:

How about you join us and try us on. If not a good fit u can always move on.

Try us out I think you’ll be glad you did…all best

Invite link refreshed and now working again ! Thnx to the many that have joined us !


Michael - I sent you an invite via msg, as this current one IS working so I don’t know what the issue was sorry…but you should be aok now,thnx! :slight_smile:



With many events planned for the holiday period we are always looking for friendly and active pilots only to join us if wishing to be part of a great and very successful group!

And Happy Holidays From The Flying Brigade!


Discord link has expired, are you still recruiting?

Happy Holidays

Thnx…I will refresh the link by midday when able and send you a copy via msg here


Sent you new invite link Fio, and our invite link has been refreshed thnx !



TFB and all it’s fabulous membership, would like to take this time and WISH ALL FLIGHT GROUPS, Big, Small, Private or Public, and ALL Flight Sim 2020 Users:

A Very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays To You & Yours!


Low & slow, is the way to go! Do y’all ever have weekend AM events? I prefer VFR, but I am also very well rehearsed in IFR. My favorite aircraft in MSFS 2020 is the C152.

If y’all ever do, or plan to have early morning weekend flights, please keep me in mind.

Thank you, and Blue Skies.

Thnx so much for your post iracer! We have tried all of the different event time settings, and over time we have found that evenings are when we get the best turnouts sorry to say.

But if your situation ever changes, we would be glad to have you.

The good news is, is that there are many great groups out here so I am sure you will find one more suited to your time available, thnx and all best

Happy Flying !

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12/28 - Our recently expired invite link, has been refreshed today and is now working again