LOOOOONG wait prior to Checking for Updates Screen

This is getting VERY annoying - almost want to chuck the whole thing and go to XPlane! Program loads and runs perfectly 1 time out of 5. Other times it sits at the screen just prior to Checking for Updates forever. Have to kill the program and restart, After 3-5 restarts, it moves on and all is well. What the heck is going on? No internet issues, no PC issues - is this a MS server problem or should I uninstall and start all over again with the 5 hr download? No add-ons other than MS patches.

Premium version BTW, paid a lot for barely functional software!


The ‘pre loading’ delay is based a lot on the amount of mods you have placed in your community folder. The game is indexing these before launch. So if you have a lot of mods, maybe cut down on those for now.

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If you are not running this software on a SSD, you are going to end up drinking a lot of Coffee (or RedBull), waiting for it to load

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agree with MortThe2nd. i used to have this issue when i have a ton of mods installed.

No mods at all (intentional anyway)

PC is all SSD - i9-9900K, 2x 1TB SSD, RTX3080Super, 32GB RAM

BTW, what’s the “community” folder, where is it? What’s in it? New to MS FS (previous was waaaaay back in the distant past).


if you don’t know where the community folder is, it is clear to me you haven’t installed any user mods to there, so for you this most likely is not the fix for your case.

LOL! You’re right - I’m a Linux guy so Windows 10 is foreign territory! I did find it and it’s empty as it should be I presume. Anyway, I turned Indexing back on (not a fan of Windows Indexing) and I also rebooted by Orbi router. Not sure which act fixed things but the sim has come up fine TWICE this morning and it hadn’t done that since I first installed it. So far so good, hope it keeps up.

I did find a huge number of DoS entries in the Orbi log but supposedly Netgear is notorious for extraneous entries (a Whois shows a lot of very strange actors out there) but if my loading problem re-appears, the first thing I’ll do is reboot the Orbi.

Thanks, guys, I appreciate your putting up with my ignorance.


Well, the hangs happened again so I disconnected my Orbi router from the Spectrum modem and connected my sim PC directly to it. Problem seems to have gone away - AGAIN. So the problem is in the Orbi - not sure why, gonna take more research - or a different router. Rebooting multiple times per day doesn’t sound like a suitable solution. AAARRRRGGGHHHH!


Glad you found the source of the problem.