Lorenado MD-80 On the fence

Hello fellow simmers I have the Rotate MD-80 which is a outstanding aircraft if you use both how do they compare to you I shelved MSFS for two years because lack of advanced study level aircraft now with the release of the MD80 I reinstalled MSFS, the most important thing to me is the feel of the aircraft or the flight model which in my option is better in my other simulator tell me what you think. Good Day

Systems wise the Leonardo is superior to the Rotate. She’s got also better graphics of course. But I prefer Rotates handling in manual flight (due to XP flight modelling maybe).
Also a custom soundpack would be desirable for the Leonardo for the default sounds being quite poor.
Last consider the Rotate simulates a MD88 which is slightly more modern.

Suggest you have s read through this thread here that has all the chat on the MD 80