Los Angeles - San Francisco [IFR]

Join Gate 34 for another IFR event. This event will start in sunny california as we take off from Los Angeles and head north to San Francisco. Grab a beer, prepare for departure and take to the skies.

Aircraft Type: A320
Date: 21/04/2021 (Wednesday)
Start Time: 17:30z (departs 18:00z)
Duration: Around 2 hours
Simbrief ID: 423385 (import the flightplan using this or the attached flightplan)
Departure: TBD
Arrival: TBD
Aircraft type: Any aircraft capable of maintaining FL350 at 250knots
Mods needed: Flight Events, preferable, but optional
Mic required: Absolutely not :slightly_smiling_face:

Flightplan available on the day here: https://discord.gg/VC9594D5

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Hi Tainted,

I was wondering if you could help but it’s unrelated to this post. I noticed you’ve got another post mentioning that you were locked in a group on FS and couldn’t get out of it. I’m having exactly the same problem now. How did you resolve that issue? It’s driving me and my friends crazy.

Thanks in advance.

Yeah man of course.

First you want to go into data and turn online functionality off.
Restart the simulator, turn online functionality on again. Bobs your uncle. :slight_smile: