Losing All Instruments after Engine Failure 747

First of all sorry for using my own footage, I do not want to promote my channel but since it happened on stream this is the only footage I have to show as an example of the issue.

While I was doing a flight from Los Angeles to Seattle, due to the fuel consumption bug in the 747, we run out of fuel halfway through. When we run out of fuel we not only lost al screens but also any kind of control over the plane.

I could not make any flight input until I artificially added fuel and miraculously completed the re-starting procedure before we crashed (I had never flown this aircraft before, I only usually use the a320).

Is this normal? Are we missing something in the procedure that should prevent this from happening? Or is this a bug? In the a320 you do loose the screens but not the ability to control the aircraft.

Minute 1:27:31

That would be when it’s time to bend over, put your head between your knees, and kiss your A s s goodbye…smiles.

lol it was pretty close, we lost 25.000 feet before recovering

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I believe this is intentional. Your screens came back on after you started the APU at 1:32:25, but you looked down before the APU switches started showing “On.” You can just barely see that APU 2 is on at 1:33:25.