Losing mouse in VR

When I go to VR mouse does not work. Anyone else?

A Brownie point for saying “losing” not “loosing”.

Anyway, try setting your mouse profile to default settings. This is fixed in the latest update. Well it was for me.

Right Ctrl + 0 might also help.

Good luck.

It happens to me even when mouse is in default profile setting. What I do is pause the game and resume and it comes back.

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I’m not sure but I wonder if the VR controllers are interfering.

I don’t think VR controls are interfering, I don’t use them they still in the box.

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I had this. I found 2 settings to have an impact. Check if you have “home cockpit mode” enabled under the camera settings. Disable it. Second, if #1 doesn’t fix your problem then switch to legacy mouse mode but the home cockpit setting should fix it.

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That happens to me when I inadvertently press the scroll wheel button.

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