Loss of FPS on normal DX11, TAA, Windows 10 and instrument pop-out

Without any other changes I lost 5 FPS with SU10. Not so bad you would think, but I had only 30 FPS and now 25 FPS. If I pop out my instruments my FPS drops again 8 FPS. So in SU 9 I had 22FPS and now only 17-18 FPS left.

I thought this update would give me extra performance, but…

Same for me, 5-7 fps loss with same settings.

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Unfortunatelly that is true. DX11 is not capable of maintaining fps with pop outs. You need to use DX12. Yet with DX12 the DLSS feature will not work properly (maybe solved once the new driver from NVidea comes out) and make you GPU bound. You will need to decide what is better for you. Both have their downsides.