Lost Achievements

Today for some strange reason FS booted up then various question screens popped up regarding graphics settings, user prefernces etc. lamost like it was the first time the game had been run.

When it fianlly opened everthing seemd to work ok, but i have now noticed all of the achivements hve vanished form my profile, along with landig challenge and bush trip progress, however flying hurs eem to be unaffected ???

This isr eally frustrating as i have spent many hours flying these missions - Asobo & Microdoft - You need to better than this!

Any ideas on how this data can be recovered? any help greatly apreciated.


Had the same today plus having to download SU8 again for seemingly zero reason

same as you, in Riejka - Santorini, the thing keeps telling me a leg is missing in the middle of the trip although I flew all legs until the last one properly. And I’m stuck in the norvegian one after leg 7 or 8, no more indication on where to fly to

Known bug.

Had the same, it’s starting to become frustrating.
I had it before too, vanished every time a major update is rolled out…

Do you know if this will be fixed in the future. By fixed I mean if the achievements will brought back as they were before, with all A’s? :slight_smile:

Is it though? I’ve never seen the devs mention it.