Lost connection after su5 annoying popups #pc

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yes, but no one internet relate except bell47 may be
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may be disable crash, don’t sure
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in the screenshot below
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randomly and unpredictable
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msi z390 ace/9700k oc 4.8ghz/msi gaming trio x 2080ti newest bios/4x F4-3600C15D-16GTZ/system samsung 970evo 250gb/msfs samsung 970evo 1tb/internet at intel wi-fi(ac9560)@500mb download/10mb upload cable(not fiber)/gsx 1200 pro/x65f/3440x1440 <2018 fall
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after su5 update
Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?
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no, it’s very tedious procedure, looks like this :slight_smile:
ok, now after all this answering i have one question to the network programmers guys only from asobo or and microsoft… in my network settings i use manual setting ip and dns, from today, may be that’s will help, but my question not about it, i have disabled all protocols exclude ip4… i know you guys know, what exactly i have to stay, and what i can to disable for msfs network works as was conceived by you guys, so if you say me i have to enable ip6 or qos or microsoft network or whatever you will say, i will do this, now i live with ip4 and everything working except some time i see picture, what you can see above, or another - with two option stay online or disable online services, what i never will do, if so i could stay with p3d with a2a mustangs, vrs f/a-18, hi-fi weather and tons of incredible stuff, what i close for my self for flight in exclusive live simulator, where something broke my flight and ask me do i want to disable online service - no i don’t, thank you
so. do i need add some net protocol in my settings or i can live with ip4 only?
thank you very much