Lost Throttle control on T16000 flight stick on several Third Party Aircrafts

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PC Specs: Ryzen 5200, Nvidia 3070, 32Gb RAM

Aircraft: MB-339, T-45C

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Add-ons: MB-339, T-45C

Thrustmatster T-16000 flight stick

Feedback/Bug Description:
Although the axis are correctly assigned and the controller reacts in the Control Setting Windows, the stick slider does not control the throttle anymore on several third party aircrafts.
Default Asobo aircrafts are fine. Controller was working fine until the SU7 Update Preview.

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I think this is a similar issue to the one that reversed elevator trim wheels.

If the default ModelBehaviours are not used (and the aircraft author chooses to program their own instead), controls such as Trim & throttle (and possibly others) may not work properly.

Asobo may be implementing something that links control assignments via ModelBehaviours, likely for a good reson (e.g. VR).

Can Asobo please explain to developers what is needed when implementing controls such as throttles & trims?

Maybe also related:

Change binding to throttle engine 1, that works for me.

Well… for those who do not know me, actually I am the owner and lead MSFS developer of IndiaFoxtEcho - so… yes, they are “my own” planes I am talking about.

Correct - our planes do not use the default behaviors, although they seem to be programmed in accordance to the SDK - as a note, they were working perfectly fine on SU7 before the preview update.

Changing the assignment to THROTTLE 1 AXIS works - which makes the issue even more puzzling.

Note that mouse drag control do work in any case.


Hi, I had the same issue today with the Just Flight Hawk (no throttle response). This was in VR using Microsoft Sidewinder Precision pro joystick. I haven’t had this issue before this beta. It is a different issue to the one linked above, in which throttle and rudder response is lost temporarily when mouse-over a toolbar window.

I guess this would cause a problem next time you are in a multi engine aircraft though?

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My observation is that it only relates to Throttle Prop lever and (maybe) mixture, rwgardless whether it´s a “unified” joystick ie. joystick with combined stick throttle and twist rudder, or it is an independent controller like a throttle quadrant (f.ex CH-Products Throttle Quadrant).

Maybe something with engine management is compromised by VR controllers.

BTW: I still hope that there will be an option to disable VR controllers entirely.

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Thanks for the tip.
Same problem here with T-16000 joystick and the Just Flight Hawk T-1.
Changed binding to engine 1 and it now works.

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Got the t16000 throttle I’ve changed binding to engine one and it works in single engine 3rd party aircraft but need to remember to switch it back when going to more than one engine aircraft.

I’m on the insider beta version. What a pain. Hopefully they fix it soon.

Similar problems here:
‘increase thrust’ and ‘decrease thrust’ both result in a ‘decrease thrust’ action for non Asobo aircraft.

Are you binding these commands to buttons or an axis?

I have bound a Thrustmaster twcs throttle lever to the MSFS Throttle Axis…
In a Cessa G1000 this works fine.
In the AS-33me Glider and MB-339, the thrust levers in the sim can be moved to maximum using a mouse cursor but any movement of the physical throttle lever up or down shuts the sim lever down to zero and the engine follows.

In a beta test it is expected that third party packages may have issues. See below…


If you are playing on PC, some packages in your community folder may not have been updated and, as a result, may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behavior.
Please move your community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title if you suffer from stability issues or long loading times.

Please do not give false guidance.

Problem that min/max bounds for each engine throttle now set in ASOBO_ENGINE_Lever_Throttle_Template. If no template added into cockpit XML - throttle joystick axis does not work.

It was reported several times so far, even in dev forums Broken Throttle Variable in - MSFS DevSupport

If it will be not fixed in release version - 80% of freeware aircraft get broken. It will be tsunami of hate.


Not sure how the recommendations from the developer that 3rd party software may not function correctly when beta testing an update is “false guidance”. is a beta update to, itself a beta update. 3rd party protocol does not change.

You are giving advice that will not help to solve issue. This is a bug introduced in latest beta update. And it is not a 3rd party aircraft problem but source code issue - missing XML template should not cause broken aircraft controls.


I have the same issue with the T1600 throttle. Workaround that worked for me was to re-map the throttle axis to throttle1.

Have the same issue on my Thrustmaster Airbus edition flightstick. Some 3rd party aircraft only are impacted, and soon as you move the throttle you get a close throttle. Keyboard function works OK and the throttle is registering the movement in the Flightstick control settings. Is definately a recent bug as I was able use the joystick throttle on these aircraft in the past.

My solution was to create a 2nd joystick profile, remove the usual throttle axis value and assign both throttle 1 and 2 to my joystick throttle. Had to assign both 1 & 2 for twin engine aircraft. Now just swap to the 2nd profile if the the problem appears on 3rd party aircraft.


I have just seen this issue also using the Logitech g saitek pro flight yoke system.

With the Beta “sim_update_vii_update - Sim Update VII” enabled through Steam, several of my 3rd party aircraft the throttle no longer works using the Logitech Flight Yoke. They do however continue to work if I use my throttle on the PC connected Xbox controller.

As soon as I leave the Beta version, it all works ok again. I have confirmed it several times.

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